Pain-Free with Howard Northrup, LMT

Since 2002, Howard Northrup, LMT has helped thousands of people recover from muscle pains, aches, limited movement, old injuries, and many other ailments. Using a highly specialized therapeutic technique, Howard skillfully attends to many soft tissue conditions not often treated by other therapies.

Florida Greenways and Trails

The State of Florida has been building trails across the state, but in Brevard County, there’s not much enthusiasm. Why’s that? With so many communities that connect to the beaches, you’d think we’d all want a safe way to walk, hike, cycle and skate to the beach.


Brevard Heart Foundation

Brevard Heart Foundation is a locally grown, non-profit that has served Brevard County, Florida since 1957. To date, they’ve provided over $500,000 in nurse and medical student merit based scholarships through their traditional annual scholarship program.