Passover and Messiah

The theme of redemption is central to the Feast of Passover—as Israel was set free from 400 years of slavery. Both Jews and Christians can agree that Passover prophetically points to another level of redemption to come.


365 Promises

Encouragement is a thing we all need, not just every so often, but every day. There’s a site I’ve been visiting for years that helps lift me up. is a website that features a paraphrased Bible promise each day with a devotional thought. A great daily reminder that there is a God who loves and cares for you.



Some people you trust immediately, yet with others you feel apprehension. The innocence of a newborn is tangible. It elicits immediate feelings in the observer of compassion, love and you just want to come up and look, even at a stranger’s newborn. In the grocery store, you’d walk up and speak to someone you’d never consider otherwise, “What a beautiful baby”, you say, your heart full of emotion.


The Ruby Red

I just had a grapefruit. The saying goes: the devil is in the details, but I tell you, God is in the details. Fast food, processed food, is killing me. Every day, I need to eat lunch. Every day the fast food corporations try and provide that food — and they are killing us.