How to Fight COVID at Home

We don’t hear much about how to fight Covid at home. Here’s a post from someone who’s dealt with Covid. (Author unknown). I came down with Covid in November. I went to the hospital, running a fever of 103, a…
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Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits

Planning for retirement is not as simple as you’d think. We’ve discovered an amazing book, the definitive reference book helping you plan and manage benefits for retirement for you or someone close.

Mission Clean Beaches

Mission Clean Beaches was created to bring light to the negative impacts of marine debris, especially to our wildlife through public outreach, education, action, and advocacy.

Pain-Free with Howard Northrup, LMT

Since 2002, Howard Northrup, LMT has helped thousands of people recover from muscle pains, aches, limited movement, old injuries, and many other ailments. Using a highly specialized therapeutic technique, Howard skillfully attends to many soft tissue conditions not often treated by other therapies

High Fashion with the Right Vision

Is the ever rising wave of textile waste a tsunami for the fashion industry, or will it be the ride of our lives?

There are mountains of waste environmental minds are not addressing, at least not in a way other recyclables are treated. Every year the US produces over 25 billion tons of textile waste, largely due to consumers embrace of the fast fashion market.