The place for all things green in Central Florida

GreenBrevard is for people who care about the future of Florida’s Space Coast. Our vision is to use this site to connect people to resources that promote:

  • Clean technologies and best practices
  • Land and species conservation and preservation
  • Energy and water conservation
  • Promote alternative energy and transportation
  • Promote recycling efforts and illuminate the impact of waste
  • Deal with pollution issues in the community
  • Leave behind a community worth living in for future generations
  • Differentiate our communities by being greener
  • Build support and volunteerism
  • and ultimately improve our communities

GreenBrevard is published online and updated frequently.

This site is full of good news—people and organizations doing good, with an eye on the future.

We exist to provide a forum for the community as it grapples with its present and future. We push no political affiliations, agenda, or motivations, and see the need for dialogue, awareness and consensus-building on local issues.

Write to us, contribute your opinions and get involved. Write an article or share your frustrations, so that together we can keep our communities healthy, vital and growing without sacrificing the quality of life that brought and keeps us here.

About This Site

GreenBrevard is a forum and communication conduit for people, organizations, and businesses to differentiate and promote our community, by showing good people doing the right thing. It speaks to anyone who cares about the future of Florida’s Space Coast.

GreenBrevard is more than a website, an eMagazine or a blog. So many people work for the benefit of the community, more than most people are aware of.

Our goal is to tell your story, to pull together all the amazing things that goes on and thereby reveal how unique Florida really is.

GreenBrevard gathers relevant stories, interviews, and spotlights that are sorted by categories, each addressing a particular community. By doing so, we paint a big picture of the diverse landscape that is Florida.

Tell us about your events and organizations, good things you’ve done or seen, and step up, care about what tomorrow will look like.

What about your community?

We seek to build a network of similar sites that share content and reach beyond the borders of the East coast and Central Florida. Can you see your city, county or region talking about itself as we do here?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world, indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

— Margaret Mead

Having a local focus is critical. We need local people, local organizations and local businesses to tell us their story. The outpouring of support has been incredible and we thank all who have contributed.

Does your organization use the web effectively?

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