Space Coast

What or where is the Space Coast?

Brevard County, Florida, is also know as the Space Coast.

From Titusville in the north to Palm Bay on the southern end, Brevard is a 72 mile long county on the East Coast of Florida. Known for the Kennedy Space Center, Cocoa Beach and perhaps Melbourne, we have a remarkably diverse ecosystem, with sand beaches and barrier isles on the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian River Lagoon and estuary, and the Saint John’s River flowing north.

Home to several species of nesting Sea Turtles, diverse ocean life and hundreds of species of migratory birds, Brevard is unique.

A Green Space Coast

Where green meets tech, the history of Space Coast is steeped in pioneering technology. There are many amazing people and forward thinking organizations that call Brevard home. It seems natural that the Space Coast leads the way in using clean technology and smart growth to solve some of the biggest issues we face in the state, and world beyond Florida.

From water conservation to solar energy, alternative fuel to electric vehicles, smart homes and offices to planned communities, recycling, waste, and pollution, we can choose a brighter future.

We created GreenBrevard because we were inspired by people who care about the future of the community.

The article, Hope Comes In The Shape Of A Baby Sea Turtle, talks about our roots and shows where our heart is. Faced with declining sea turtle population, people saw that baby turtles were heading off into the streets–instead of the ocean to begin their life journey. The lights of the streets, homes and beachfront businesses drew hatchlings away from the water. What inspires me, is that our communities acted. Ordinances were created using best practices that changed how we lit our community. And sea turtles return to the ocean, not A1A.

People in Brevard recognize the importance of our natural surroundings. From the beaches to wetlands, lakes to riverside, there’s a spirit of hope that connects us to the Space Coast. A desire to preserve this place for the future is the mission of GreenBrevard. True to our roots, green, clean tech holds a promise that strikes a chord here in the Space Coast.

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