Pain-Free with Howard Northrup, LMT

Since 2002, Howard Northrup, LMT has helped thousands of people recover from muscle pains, aches, limited movement, old injuries, and many other ailments. Using a highly specialized therapeutic technique, Howard skillfully attends to many soft tissue conditions not often treated by other therapies.

With the recent push towards wellness, most people are turning towards massages for stress relief, posture corrections, and other important factors in becoming physically and mentally fit. Yet, some still deal with painful conditions that they choose to either medicate or simply live with. Issues such as chronic neck, back, or wrist pain, old injuries from sports or car accidents, limited motion in certain joints, all can put unnecessary stress and suffering in their way.

Howard Northrup has a solution however—his Therapeutic Massage uses special techniques to work deeper into the tissue and relieve tension buried deep within muscles, tendons, ligament, and fascia, eliminating old aches and pains and providing long-term relief. Howard aims to make significant progress every session, typically gaining a 50 to 70% improvement in the condition in just the first session. Though, everyone is different, and each client requires special attention over the course of several weekly or bi-weekly sessions.

When receiving a therapeutic massage, it is imperative to note that success does not require excruciating pain. Howard listens and adapts to the client’s comfort level, making sure that relief comes at a minimal cost. Throughout a session, Howard continually checks in with his clients, ensuring that only the right amount of pressure is used in a particular area, and no more.

Howard Northrup is renowned in East Central Florida for his unique ability to “mix” several different styles and techniques depending on your particular needs, such as Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Stimassage, and Reiki Healing Touch.

To Howard, results are key, and he works thoroughly with every client to ensure they get the care and treatment they need.

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