Building a Home that Survives the Big One

Hurricanes wreck waterfront homes. That fact is well know and is visible every hurricane season after every storm, but can you build your house to survive the big one?

After Hurricane Michael tore through Mexico Beach, one home was left still standing—and in remarkably great shape. Watch with video with Neil Cavuto on Fox as they interview the man who built this home, Dr. Lebron Lackey, and the Mexico Beach Miracle House, aka the ‘Sand Palace’.

Lessons learned, if you’re going to build on the coast, it’s worth it to go above and beyond. I think we’re in need of better construction codes and the best practices learned should be shared before the next big one blows through.

Building for the environment is critical and many tenets of green building are based on living better in the space. This example of a homeowner building for strength shows that an ounce of preparation is better than a pound of cure.

Instead of going by local codes, this home was over built for not much more, and survived Hurricane Michael in 2018.

Watch the video here, it’s amazing:

And here’s another great video of this story on the Weather Channel.

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