planet-shifter Launches

An interview with Will Paul, creator of, a green focused, “innovation network”.

I started with developer Cheth Rowe and graphic artist Andrea Fuenzalida over six months ago because we need everybody’s ideas and vision to re-build a healthier, sustainable and just world. We need to take risks. I want us to reach past our self-interest and fears to risk and share in new sustainable solutions.

Somebody just asked me if I would have started this project if I had known where the world economy would be on 03/03/09. I told her,” Yes!” We need to come together now! is a virtual people resource collective and transparent by design: you are a member and you have works to share and critiques to share and a new product or service to nail. We will strive to be inclusive, to allow all members equal access to the site tools and the data base. As you know, unlike other art upload machines like and, will never own your paintings or songs – just as to share them for a while!

When you bring an image to the group or discuss a point in a comment thread, you may be adding to the next big green thing. We are a free evaluation or test group for your idea. But if you start and stop at “log-in” we are hopeless lost without your ideas and active vision. is not designed or intended to be the photo-gossip mill at FaceBook or the late night groove pipe on MySpace. These places do play a small role in connecting us but do not foster the innovation and change that we need now. It is time to stop playing darts and begin re-tooling the scene. is an innovation space for a global reckoning. Please don’t stop now. Know that we will return the effort you make as if our lives — and the life of the planet — depend on it.

Green Catcher Union

The Launch of Planet Shifter on Earth Day, April 22, 2009 included the first issue of Green Batcher Union. This full-color magazine, printed on recycled paper with soy inks, featured stories, articles, art, poetry and more.

Comments from new members

  • Creating and sustaining art, the written/spoken word, and music through a means of awareness of the living planet and beautifying the environment and changing lives/minds.
  • Think before you trash it. Stop and think first. Pause. Let the action be for the greater good!
  • Planting my garden, working to make this world a beautiful place, thru positive clean living, upfull music…
  • I want a better world for my children.
  • I strive to find ways to support renewable energy and save resources. Those two things are equally important. I grow my own food and buy as local as I find humanly possible.
  • I care about the future of humanity, am worried about the way we mismanage the planet and each other, but am hopeful for tomorrow because even though I see all that is bad about us, I also meet and talk with people who get it and who are working and making a difference.


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