iGourmet.com Supports Green Communities

Community Greenhouse Foundation welcomes the support of igourmet.com as its newest sponsor of “Green Communities” program.

Supporting the not-for-profit “Green Communities” program for a Brighter, Sustainable Future, iGourmet.com has enabled us to use their program as a preferred affiliate. When you use iGourmet.com for your Organic and Specialty food purchases or corporate gift giving, it supports Greenftlauderdale.com and Community Greenhouse Foundation.

The Community Greenhouse Foundation is a not for profit organization that promotes and facilitates greener communities, through awareness, education and partnering, building bridges and uniting communities.

The foundation has several primary areas of focus. First, we seek to increase awareness of sustainable building, energy efficient design, sustainable development and renewable practices amongst a broad constituency.

Our second goal is to partner with organizations, manufacturers, and accredited professionals and firms from all disciplines, creating a forum to encourage best practices, new technologies and connect communities with people and resources. And third, we work to facilitate, lead, and promote vehicles that will empower communities to be greener, cleaner and more sustainable.

CGF’s mission is to facilitate a greener America, one community at a time; Education, Planning, Action, Empowerment.


Founded in 1997, igourmet.com is America’s leading online gourmet food and gift retailer. Offering over 800 specialty cheeses, thousands of fine foods, and a complete line of exquisite gift baskets, each accompanied by detailed information and useful serving suggestions, igourmet.com is the preferred place to shop for connoisseurs across America. Founded and operated by industry veterans, igourmet.com is a trusted resource for hundreds of thousands of gourmet food shoppers. In its highly regarded Best of the Web directory, Forbes named igourmet.com the best gourmet food web site every year since 2003. Consumer Reports has rated igourmet.com the #1 site to order gourmet gifts in both 2006 and 2007.

So what does igourmet.com and sustainable development have to do with each other?

You don’t have to be a developer to believe in greener homes and offices. In fact, it will take people, like those at igourmet.com, to bring green building to the broader public. Only when we all care about the future of our communities, will we see the real change needed to deal with the energy and water issues we all face.

igourmet.com, is a unique online source for gourmet gifts, imported cheeses and specialty foods. With the same passion they have for the environment, igourmet.com offers over 800 imported and domestic cheeses, many of which come from privately-owned farms that do not use any growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids, or pesticides in the animals grazing area.

igourmet.com supports Humane Animal Husbandry by offering meats and seafood that come from farms that humanely raise and care for their animals. From our Heritage turkey from Ayrshire Farm to grass-fed Rastelli steaks, they work exclusively with humane suppliers.

Selecting suppliers of coffee who practice Fair-Trade, Direct-Trade and organic methods of coffee production gives the igourmet.com customer’s only the best to choose from.


With the recent press on honey bees and colony collapse disorder, consumers have placed greater emphasis on seeking out organic honey. igourmet.com searches out organic, single-varietal and carbon-free honey that showcases the unique attributes of their origin.

The chocolate line offered on igourmet.com is a wide range of both domestic and international varieties that source from sustainable plantations that use organic farming methods.

Visit igourmet.com and consider using igourmet.com for your Organic and Specialty food purchases or corporate gift giving and support GreenFtLauderdale.com in the process.

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