Green Workforce Housing

Greening Residential America Program

The Community Greenhouse Foundation has been working for months on a program which is targeted to assist in the rehabilitation and sale of the “glut” of houses being dumped into the market resulting from foreclosures. The “Greening of America’s House Stock” program is a pro-active economic stimulus program that has been developed due to the current economic position of America.

Never in our countries history has energy, housing and the environment been seen as critical issues at the same time.

This program was developed as a pro-active vehicle to move toward a more sustainable economy and renewable growth cycle. The program is delivered through strong regional public and private partnerships with several overall goals.

For Financial Institutions

The program provides Financial Institutions a vehicle to dispose of their foreclosures and replace them with a new mortgage on a property that will cost the homeowner less on a monthly basis to maintain due to the energy savings.

For Energy Saving Product Manufacturers

The program then provides manufacturers of renewable and energy saving products increased opportunities to get more of their products into the market place. This facilitates new job creation and growth opportunities and potentially reduces the cost to produce these energy saving products due to growth in the market place.

As Workforce Housing

The program provides a house that is energy efficient for workforce housing candidates that is attainable and increases the chances for long term savings.
“We have put all the pieces together for the program and now are reaching out to Financial Institutions, investors and Cities with housing stock on their inventory list to take a hard look at the opportunity to submit their houses through the program. It is a Win/Win situation for all parties and the biggest winner is the individual home buyer being able to realize the dream of home ownership without their energy bill taking most of their monthly paycheck” said Richard Evans, CEO Community Greenhouse Foundation.

“Staff and our South Florida Strategic Partners have worked hard to make this program a ‘one stop resource’ to serve all the participants in the program and based on the large pool of first time home buyers on the waiting list for these green energy efficient homes we now need product.”

“We are trying to concentrate on South Florida currently–and have Cities in Indiana and Pennsylvania pushing for us to come up and start building local Strategic Partnerships to service their communities”, added Mr. Evans.

Financial Institutions, Investors and Cities can access more information about the program by visiting and click on “How to Participate”.

Richard Evans
Community Greenhouse Foundation

Gabe Solomon
Ecogreen Development

Ryan Kuhlman
The Urban Lifedesign Group

This is a historic article. Community Greenhouse Foundation is no longer in operation.

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