Finding Your Native Nursery

Tucked away in West Melbourne, Florida just minutes from I-95, Maple Street Natives is an oasis, a nursery of local, native plants, trees and shrubbery. The mission of Maple Street Natives is to provide great, local, native plants for local homes an business.

Why Native?

Many plants have adapted to our local environment. For thousands of years, flora and fauna have developed in balance with all the critters that call Brevard County home. The notion of visiting a local nursery, might seem foreign, especially with the convenience of local hardware and big box retailers that sell everything you might want for home and garden.

Most often though, these big stores sell us exotic species that haven’t grown up in our local environment. There are thousands of beautiful plants out there, and a great many of them would look lovely in your yard, but Florida native plants provide food and shelter for local insects, birds, and animals struggling to survive as more and more land is developed.

Maple Street Natives will help you choose plants and trees that thrive locally; That’s what they do. And a great many native plants are suitable for xeriscaping, and require little water or fertilizer to thrive. That means that once they’re established, you can hang up your hose and save water and money.

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They’re a great, local resource, eager to help you go native!
Visit them at 7619 Henry Avenue, West Melbourne FL 32904 or call (321) 729-6857.

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