Homegrown Biodiesel

The Farm to Fuel initiative began in 2006. Under Section 570.954, Florida Statutes, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) was tasked with:

  • Deploying energy efficiency and renewable energy measures,
  • Enhancing the market for biomass created from Florida-grown crops,
  • Promoting production and distribution,
  • Enhancing the value of these agricultural products within the state, and
  • Educating the general public about the benefits of using renewable energy and alternative fuels.

Farm to Fuel Grant Program

In 2007, FDACS awarded 14 grants, totaling $25 million. The grants were for research and development of feedstock for the production of biofuel and for the construction of biodiesel and ethanol plants throughout the state. FDACS managed these grants to ensure the awarded monies were achieving the goals set forth by statute.

Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services is assisting Florida farmers and ranchers in producing bio-fuel crops to help reduce the nation’s dependency on foreign oil. Commissioner Bronson believes that Florida can be a leader in the effort of producing energy from crops and timber because of the vast amount of farm acreage in the state and its mild climate, which permits crops to be grown virtually year round.

In 2006, the Farm to Fuel Initiative was statutorily created to enhance the market for and promote the production and distribution of renewable energy from Florida-grown crops, agricultural wastes and residues, and other biomass and to enhance to value of agriculture products or expand agribusiness in the State. The complete Florida Statute can be found here:

On August 30 through September 1, The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services hosted a “Farm to Fuel Summit” in Orlando. This summit, which attracted more than 300 participants, will help Florida take the next step in promoting the production, distribution, and use of renewable fuels, particularly ethanol. This high-profile event featured speakers and panelists representing international, national and state perspectives on issues of research, production and distribution of biofuels.

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