Clean Tech Revolution

Talk radio host Laura Ingraham recently crossed political lines as she interviewed author Clint Wilder about his latest book, The Clean Tech Revolution. She started, noting that when she picked up the book, she expected to read global warming hype and Al Gore political rhetoric. She was amazed by the basic premise, one that those familiar with the green building world have been trying to get out to the public for the last decade.

The Clean Tech Revolution describes the opportunity that awaits the companies, the countries, the people who develop it. Someone has finally gotten the word to the mainstream.

Technology can make our world a better place. Businesses who lead the clean tech wave will thrive.

The Clean Tech Revolution

I’m really sick of the media. By making everything political, we negate reason. Spin and hype have taken the place of knowledge, information, wisdom– and action. Caring about and better managing the resources and waste of our civilization has got to rise above politics.

Green tech, clean tech, is inevitable. Not because it’s pushed by someone’s agenda, sustainability just makes sense. Saving energy is good. Polluting less and recycling is good. Every thing we do to lower our impact is good.

In this book, The Clean Tech Revolution: The Next Big Growth and Investment Opportunity, authors Ron Pernick and Clint Wilder shine a light on businesses making a difference and making big profits.

From the book’s intro

“When industry giants such as GE, Toyota, and Sharp and investment firms such as Goldman Sachs are making multi-billion dollar investments in clean technology, the message is clear. Developing clean technologies is no longer a social issue championed by environmentalists; it’s a money-making enterprise moving solidly into the business mainstream.”

“In fact, as the economy faces unprecedented challenges from high energy prices, resource shortages, and global environmental and security threats, clean tech-technologies designed to provide superior performance at a lower cost while creating significantly less waste than conventional offerings-promises to be the next engine of economic growth.”

How does it effect us in Central Florida? In a state that imports 99% of its energy, I think fast adoption of technologies have to happen, or this isn’t going to be a place we still want to live in.

Many barriers still prevent good technology from being deployed. Florida bakes in the sun, yet solar power barely makes a dent in power generation. I can imagine solar cells on every roof. Producing some of your own power is an awesome dream, but the energy industry just don’t want us to make our own juice.

As hurricanes of the past few years turned off the lights, the low din of generators hummed though our neighborhood. Why not a solar back up system? And if you gather your own solar power, why just turn it on during emergencies? I think the climate is ripe for such innovation and it will be a revolution.

In transportation a revolution is exactly what Momma Earth needs, desperately. For me, the clean tech revolution is thirty years late, but a welcome sign of good things to come. It shouldn’t take catastrophe to change. It shouldn’t take an oil crisis or a war on terror to move us to action. It just makes good business sense.

Pick up this book for a glimpse into the near future. And help make it happen.

Thank you Laura for being open minded. Green doesn’t have to be political. It’s about caring about the future we leave for our kids.
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