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Engineers, Architects, Land Developers, Contractors, Building Owners, Facility Managers, Government, and Private Sector Professionals are gathering at an event that assembles built environment experts and cutting-edge resources all in one location – Washington D.C..

Work Together. Make a Difference

The Sustainable Buildings Industry Council’s Ecobuild Federal is a Built Environment conference and exhibition, with special focus on those who work with or within federal, state and local government projects.

Ecobuild Federal’s educational platform provides you with a comprehensive selection of courses, featuring expert presentations on sustainability, environmental design, green building resources, and more, with sessions designed for every member of your building team. In addition to the educational opportunities, Ecobuild Federal offers you the ability to network with your colleagues, industry leaders and government decision-makers, all of whom will assemble under one roof on your behalf.
Accepting our invitation to join you this year are:

Government agencies involved in Building, World-renown Keynote Speakers, Industry Experts, and LEED® accredited professionals, Leading Building manufacturers and service providers, Partnering built environment associations and publications. The Ecobuild Federal program gives you access to over 100 technical sessions, including 90-minute seminars and three-hour tutorials, Tuesday through Thursday.

Ecobuild Federal is proud to award you with a Certificate of Completion after attending eight hours of educational content.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the federal government is the largest single “landlord” in the United States. The federal government oversees about 500,000 federal buildings; more than $20 billion is spent annually on acquiring or substantially renovating federal facilities more than $3.5 billion for energy for these facilities, and almost $200 billion for personnel compensation and benefits for civilian employees. This represents an enormous opportunity to transfer the sustainable technologies and practices on a large scale and help transform the marketplace.

Why Ecobuild Federal?

Being held in Washington DC location, Ecobuild Federal will deliver the federal government building and construction decision makers to you. The conference and co-located events are designed to attract all segments of the public sector plus private sector professionals from the entire building and construction industry.
Goals of the Federal government sustainable program:

  • Lower energy costs. Sustainable design can reduce annual energy costs by 30-50%, with paybacks of 5-10 years.
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs. Water savings and sustainable landscaping measures, as well as building commissioning and use of longer-lasting materials, save much more over their lifetimes than their incremental first costs.
  • Lower ‘churn’ costs. Some features, such as raised flooring, result in a more flexible space that can be easily reconfigured, thus reducing the cost of modifying space over the life of the building.
  • Same or reduced first costs. When sustainable design integrates natural heating, cooling, lighting, recycled materials, efficient space planning, elimination of non-critical finishes and fixtures, and new technologies, it can in some cases reduce both environmental impacts and construction costs.


Studies show that organizations may lower absenteeism and increase productivity when buildings are healthier, more pleasant places to work.

Better health and well-being. Scientific studies link health, psychological well-being, and task performance to sustainable features including good ventilation, personal controls, daylighting, low-emitting interior materials, etc. Liability associated with sick building syndrome may be reduced.

Less Pollution. Lowering energy use will result in decreases in sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide emissions, making our cities cleaner, reducing the threat of climate change, and reducing costs to society.

Reduced impacts on natural ecosystems. Sustainable design decreases the impact on wildlife, ecosystems, and other natural resources.

Better image. Environmental stewardship in facilities fosters community acceptance, political support, better ability to attract and retain desirable employees, fewer complaints from surrounding communities, less time and cost to deal with negative issues, and easier siting of future facilities.

Building and construction product suppliers want to be included in the government procurement process. This is the place to make contacts with the decision maker


Post Facto: This organization is no longer active in the US. Ecobuild was a series of events promoting green building, starting in 2005. This article retained for historic purpose.

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  1. S. Ram Shrivastava

    It is good to see Orlando play a leadership role in promoting Green buildings and sustainable green design. We are working with two much smaller communities in Upstate New York to adopt this philosophy. Economic development in non growth areas can only happen if Quality of life is made the primary objective. Green communities are a great way to reduce operating costs, achieve efficient government and attract new development.

  2. Orlando, and the southeast are only just discovering sustainable development. Though trends for more energy efficient appliances, windows and materials are surfacing, we have a long way to go. When consumers start demanding more efficiency, we’ll really see some great things.

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