Campus Sustainable Conference

The 3 C’s of Sustainability: Communication, Community Involvement, and Campus Environment, the 3rd Annual Campus & Community Sustainability Conference hosted by the University of Central Florida and the Council for Sustainable Florida.

This conference will provide an opportunity for individuals from campuses, government, businesses and communities to come together to share their experiences and challenges related to creating sustainability and a green culture. Presentations will focus on matters relating to Florida’s economy, environment, and quality of life.

Please join us to explore successful projects and strategies relating to: Education and research for sustainability, Economic improvements for sustainable efficiency and effectiveness, Protection and restoration for sustainable ecological systems, and Enhancing sustainability for the well-being of all people.

October 19-21, 2008 at University of Central Florida Student Union

Nowhere else, but at the upcoming 2008 Sustainable Florida Conference presented by Progress Energy at the University of Central Florida can you meet:

  • Shay Salomon – Arizona-based author of Little House on a Small Planet and co-founder of the Small House Society.
  • Celebrity Organic Chef Al Rosas and his wife, Erin giving their Fortune 500 presentation Green for Good – A Pragmatic Organic Way to Go Green Without Going Broke
  • Discovery Channel’s Jennifer Languell – star of Project Earth award-winning author and president of Fort Myers-based, award-winning Trifecta Construction, and
  • John Masiello, Progress Energy’s Manager for Alternative Energy Strategy.

And those are just the keynote presentations. Get a half-day workshop on the Natural Step from Darcy Hitchcock (from Portland, Oregon). Attend any one of the more than 60 workshops focusing on the 3 C’s – Communication, Community Involvement, and Campus Environment.

This event is about more than just life on campus – it’s about moving Florida toward a more sustainable path. Energy, water, curriculum, operations, engineering, smart growth, technology, corporate social responsibility, and more are on the agenda.

And conference registration is really affordable – 5 meals, three breaks, two receptions – 4 keynote presentations and field trips. All for less than $180.
Representatives from the corporate, academic and operational sectors from the Southeast will attend.

Contact: Tim Center
Vice President, Sustainability Initiatives
Collins Center for Public Policy
1415 E. Piedmont Drive, Suite One
Tallahassee, Florida 32308


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