Space Coast Welcomes Blue Origin

Blue Origin has a vision for the future of space. And Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder, is on a mission to make human spaceflight a reality.

In their own words: Driven by our company motto, Gradatim Ferociter or “step by step, ferociously,” our incremental development process builds upon each success as we develop ground-breaking spaceflight systems. But we don’t just build rockets—we build a culture around methodical innovation and exploration.

Soar with Blue Origin

This video gives you an idea what they have in the works—quite the thrill ride. They invite us to be a pioneer in the next era of human spaceflight.

Soar with Blue Origin

It took me a while to figure out Blue Origin. Were they trying to make the world’s best thrill ride? Space Mountain—for real?

Florida is no stranger to the ultimate theme park, but if there’s one thing Mr. Bezos understands it’s economy of scale. For the commercialization of space to happen, and all the risks and rewards that entails, it has to make business sense. And if we want Star Trek in real life to happen, we have to start moving in the right direction. Blue Origin’s rockets, engines, crew capsules and reusable boosters point to something far greater than a joy ride for the rich and famous.

Blue Origin announces that it will manufacture and fly its orbital launch vehicle from the historic shores of Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Blue Origin To Launch from Cape Canaveral

In this video, Frank Dibello, President of Space Florida, introduces Florida Governor Rick Scott and Jeff Bezos, Founder of Blue Origin.

Quite the collection of elected officials and space dignitaries welcomed Blue Origin to Brevard County, Florida’s Space Coast. Also on stage, speakers included Senator Bill Nelson, Rep. Steve Crisifulli, Speaker of the Florida House, Jesse Panuccio, Director of Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Brigadier General Steven Garland, Vice Commander of the 14th Air Force, Director of Kennedy Space Center, Robert Cabana, Commissioner Robin Fisher, Chairman of the Board of Brevard County Commissioners, and Eric Silagy, CEO of Florida Power & Light.

Governor Scott was happy to provide a big job announcement for the space industry in Florida. Jobs have been a cornerstone of his efforts as Governor. Placing a medal around Jeff Bezo’s neck, he awarded him with Florida’s Governor Business Ambassador Award, welcoming him to the podium.

Jeff was so excited to be here today, reminiscing about Saturn V missions launching from the Cape, heralding a new era of exploration from Launch complex 36. Noting the history of space exploration he set the tone for the morning,

“We can’t wait to fix the silence that’s existed on the launch pad since 2005.” He noted, “We’re not just launching from here (in Florida), we’re building here. At Exploration Park, we’ll have a 21st century production facility, where we’ll focus on manufacturing our reusable fleet of orbital launchers, and readying them for flight again and again.” To elaborate on the focus in Brevard, Jeff related that it’s just easier to build here and launch.

“You residents of the Space Coast have enjoyed front row seats to the future for almost 60 years.” Jeff noted. “Our team’s passion for pioneering is a perfect fit for a community dedicated to forging new frontiers.”

We’re excited that Blue Origin have chosen the Space Coast and want to build on this pioneering spirit, as we look towards the next sixty years.

For more information visit Blue Origin at They are hiring.
And here’s a link to Jeff Bezos wiki page.

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