Sea Turtle Preservation Society

The Sea Turtle Preservation Society, an all-volunteer organization whose mission is helping sea turtles survive, recently launched their new marketing and public relations team, taking a giant leap forward in spreading their important message to a world-wide audience.

STPS’ message is an important one, and as residents of Brevard, it affects us all. Our county is home to a 72-mile long coastline critical to sea turtles, over 50% of sea turtles around the world choose our county for nesting, and human interaction can create a global problem for the survival of the species. For this reason, it’s imperative to communicate these dangers not just to locals, but to a world-wide audience. Getting STPS heard is mission critical, and their new Marketing and PR team aims to get like-minded people around the world involved in protecting sea turtles’ most valuable resource.

New Marketing and Public Relations Team

The Sea Turtle Preservation Society’s Marketing and Public Relations team is headed by Eric Needle, founder of GreenBrevard and, a marketing agency based in Melbourne, Florida. STPS has been featured prominently on our site in the past, and was even an inspiration for our creation.

Joining the team is Bill Sokolic, an experienced journalist with bylines in daily, weekly, and monthly publications, as well as wire services like Reuters and the Associated Press. He writes on a plethora of subjects such as the environment, business, entertainment, tourism, and local news.

A recent UCF graduate, Ryan Needle is a copywriter for and editor for our site. He writes on topics such as sustainability and greenbuilding.

About STPS

The Sea Turtle Preservation Society is dedicated to protecting the sea turtles of Brevard County and keeping our local environment sustainable. They organize efforts to assist injured turtles, manages beach cleanups, and raises awareness of the dangers sea turtles face. Education is a primary concern, and every year, the group works to reach thousands of people though presentations, public exhibits, turtle watches, and The Turtle Krawl, Brevard’s biggest 5k run.

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