Random Acts of Kindness and Absurd Acts of Brilliance

When I moved from Ohio in June of 2000 to the Melbourne beach area, the world was a different place then. We didn’t have a inclining of fear with the sound of a jet overhead, because we didn’t have our innocence ripped from us, as on that fateful day of September 11th 2001.

Only then were we thrust in to a quandary and decision process with our very survival possibly at stake. We collectively pulled together as a team, as a cohesive group of like minded individuals that were going to do what ever it took to ensure that survival.

Do you remember that time? Do you remember what you were feeling?

I do. Just like yesterday. It was like being sucker punched. Without hesitation not even recovering from the shock and the confusion of the event, the people of Brevard County sprung in to action. They started assembling all their resources, readying themselves and their families. Some preparing to answer the call of the military, some collecting clothing and food items for possible distribution, and some traveling to New York to help in anyway they could, many praying reverently as the tasks were put in to action.

Teamwork, Patriotism, call it what you want, the simple fact that America was in need, and the people of Brevard were present, and answering that need with multiple levels of professionalism, with multiple levels of personal self sacrifice, all without question, all without hesitation. That’s the kind of cloth this country is cut from, and that is the kind of teamwork and brilliance that has made this country the most productive and desired place in the world to live.

All this was done in a cooperative and not a competitive venue. Imagine; the power of the masses pulling together for one outcome, for one vision?

Brevard County is blessed with all the ingredients for one of the most desired places to live, work and play. One of the counties greatest assets is the people that call this home. The people of the military base, Kennedy space center, and a multitude of companies that serve the masses in a way like no other, all have a sense of teamwork and cooperative capitalism that is unique to this area only.

This is not an accident that this is all happening here

With the further blessings of God’s handy work, in the beauty of the Intracoastal Waterway, the beaches, the ocean, and the sun, all this together and you have a slice of heaven that is unique to the rest of the entire world. I consider myself very privileged to now call this home and very honored to be associated with the business here.

As a business amelioration specialist, I get to work with some of the most brilliant people on cooperative teams that the business world has ever known, or will know soon.

Teamwork Makes the Dream work!

It is not just a motivational cliché here in Brevard County; it is a way of life.

Mike Fesler, EVP of Indialantic Business Management assists growth minded companies in determining the most appropriate course and direction of their development and operations. A Leader in Strategic Development & Operational Enhancement Dealing with companies nationally and has the background and insight to the consulting side of operations. Presently serving as an officer and director on the board of multiple companies as Vice-President, Vice-President of Strategic Development, and Business Development Director.

Providing direction and support by facilitating leading edge planning, implementation processes, and ability to stimulate good strategic planning, while effectively and efficiently, utilizing any and all available resources in support of the course and direction with minimal time and expense for organizing numerous products and options.

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Post Facto: This organization is no longer in operation.

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