Parrish Medical Center

Parrish Medical Center—one of America’s finest healing environments. Years ago the Parrish Medical Center (PMC) Board of Directors embarked on a journey to build a replacement hospital. They didn’t just want to put up another building. They wanted to provide them with one of America’s finest healing environments.

That dream was realized in November 2002. That same year PMC became one of the first members of the Center for Health Design’s Pebble Project. Together with more than 25 other hospitals and healthcare facilities around the country, we are helping to produce a ripple effect in the healthcare community by providing researched and documented examples of evidence-based building design that is creating life-enhancement for patients, families and staff.

Nurture yourself with Nature at the Parrish Health and Fitness Center

The Parrish Health and Fitness Center is a perfect example of a healing and renewing environment. It sits amid 10 acres of the best Mother Nature has to offer. Lush plantings and grand shade trees provide the perfect backdrop for members wishing to regain mental focus, relieve stress, and improve overall health and wellness.
Whether working out indoors or outdoors, members enjoy the very latest in fitness technology and benefit from the therapeutic effects of being in touch with nature.
Indoors, floor to ceiling windows provide wonderful views from every vantage point. Or take advantage of our pristine nature trail—perfect for long walks, bike rides, rollerblading, or jogging.

Personalized Fitness Evaluation

An important part of joining the Parrish Health and Fitness Center is the comprehensive, personalized fitness evaluation our certified fitness experts conduct when you enroll. Your initial evaluation will include:

  • Coronary Risk Screening
  • Weight Measurement
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Flexibility Testing

Your fitness expert will review your evaluation results with you and develop a personalized exercise routine that is right for you.

There’s something for everyone at the fitness center, from cardiovascular and strength training equipment to aquatic fitness and lifestyle programs. A healthy back is essential to your well being

The United States is currently spending $100 billion a year on spine care. This staggering figure is attributed to the fact that 8 out of 10 Americans suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. The Core Spinal Fitness System™ (The Core) by MedX is taking the challenge to cut that staggering figure in half by 2010. Parrish Health and Fitness Center is participating in this fight by offering the MedX technology to members of our community.

Coming soon, exclusively to the fitness center, The Core by MedX is the medically-based workout system that delivers strength, stability, flexibility, and endurance—four factors essential to spinal health. Clinical studies have proven that MedX spine strengthening exercise therapy relieves pain, restores function, and reduces the need for spinal surgeries. The Core is the exercise version of the MedX medical machines found in healthcare facilities around the world.

The Core workout is delivered through a series of biomechanically precise exercise machines specifically designed to target, isolate and strengthen spinal muscle groups, or to promote and improve flexibility. Exercise sessions are short and you’ll feel positive results at once. Only 20-minutes twice a week can make a difference.

Callie Arthur is the Director of Parrish Health and Fitness Center

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