Life and Death Planning for Retirement

Planning for retirement and beyond is not as simple as you’d think. How can you donate, leave property, and give back to causes we believe in?

You can’t live in Florida and not be concerned about retirement and estate planning. Although it’s a little off-topic of GreenBrevard, we’ve been working through many issues as our parents age. In our searches we found an insider’s guide, an amazing book, the definitive reference book helping you plan and manage benefits for retirement for you or someone close.

Natalie Choate, renowned in the estate planning and elder law world, has update her landmark book, Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits. This 8th Edition was released in 2019, but the digital version is continually updated.

“Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits is regarded by many practitioners and counselors in the field as the bible for such work”, Jonathan Blattmachr, noted expert in the field relates. “Her book is extremely comprehensive and explains the horribly complicated rules in a clear and concise manner.”

It is loaded with multiple examples of how the law works, how it can work against the taxpayer and how it can work for the taxpayer. There is simply no source in this area that comes close. The importance of her treatise to all who toil in the retirement planning field is reflected by the 50,000 copies of the book that have been sold.

The book provides step-by-step guidance so advisors and their clients can accomplish appropriate planning in virtually all areas with respect to such vehicles. That includes complying with the minimum required distribution rules for spouses, minors and charity, dealing with inherited plans, making qualified disclaimers with respect to these vehicles to change the post-death results of such plans, complying with the special rules for Roth IRAs, transferring plan interests to trusts, implementing proper investment decisions (including dealing with stock in an S corporation and other non-traditional portfolio assets).

A softcover version Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits may be ordered or can be obtained in the cloud as an e-book which allows her work to be word-searchable, to use dynamic links and to access updates automatically.

No person who deals with retirement plans can afford to be without this remarkable work. It is exceptionally well written and has made Ms. Choate the star of this area of practice as reflected by the tremendous high demand for her on professional lecture circuits.

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