Veteran Makeover

Want to make a change?

Do something positive. Do something right. Do something good with no expectation of recompense. I saw this video and it moved me to my core.

How can a country who gives away vast fortunes of taxpayer money to the rest of the world, so neglect it’s own. And not just our own people, but those who sacrifice so much to protect and preserve all we have and are.

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Homeless Veteran Timelapse Transformation

What does one give up to serve in our military?

What toll does it take on a man, or a woman? Personal freedoms and liberties. Being on call, having your family upended and moved across the nation or being posted in another country. This video, so simply shows so much respect, not to just Mr. Wolf, but to all who’ve gone before him.

If, as a society, we can’t lift him up, then we have no business setting him in harms way, with ambiguous goals and fuzzy or shady political motivations.

It is my deepest hope that people will see this video and do something. Find a cause and give your time. Find people in need, right where you live and be a part of the solution. One person at a time we can make our world a little brighter. Then we’ll have a local community worth fighting for, a City and County that mean something, a State that stands for something and a reason for our existence.

America is exceptional. We aspire, we dare, we break the bonds that hold captive and shatter the notion that it’s just not possible.

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Donate to Degage Ministries to help other homeless veterans, Visit degageministries.org/
Directed and produced by viral video agency Rob Bliss Creative.

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