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Government Waste in the Age of COVID

When we talk about being green, the notion, is to save energy, save water and better live within our local environment. While we make huge strides in technology and innovation, conservation—or using less—is always as important as ground breaking new methods and tools.

So it is in government, that the need to be efficient, to use less, or to simply live within our means should be the ideal, the norm, the goal of every American. No matter what party you vote for or what personality you hate, holding politicians and bureaucrats accountable should be a unifying goal. But, sadly, it isn’t.

As I look back at an article we wrote in 2005 about Citizens Against Government Waste, I am simply shocked that in 2021, the waste we saw in 2005 seems quaint.

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There’s always some crisis, some national emergency that demands we ignore balancing our budgets, addressing debt and living within our means. Today it’s COVID, yesterday it was 911, or the War on Terror, and tomorrow it will equally be part fiction, part subterfuge, with lots of spin and propaganda.

The Good News

That the State of Florida is doing so well is a testament to our law, the legal requirement that we balance our state budget.

Why is it so natural for us to do so (Florida), and anathema for Washington to spend less than what we take in? After so many years, the only rational answer is that they are trying to bust the system—of steal from it. It’s only American resiliency and innovation that allows us to continue at all.

Watching politicians blow through so much cash with not even a smidgen of responsibility, it is evident that money is just a figment of our imagination. National debt is vapor. Or so they would have us believe.

We talk about ecological tipping points, the point in which we can no longer recover. But I fear 2021 will prove to be the moment in history when it all comes tumbling down.

How can it be just, for a government to spend more than we take in year after year, at the expense of our future?

More Good News

Alas, there are still good people doing good things in the world, and the people at Citizens Against Government Waste continue to fight the good fight, that for national fiscal sobriety. They continue to shine a light on the waste and injustice inherent in the national government.


Citizens Against Government Waste

CAGW’s strength has been, and always will be, our more than one million members and supporters. These outspoken and informed Americans attend public policy forums and town hall meetings; participate in surveys and petition drives; help educate their friends, colleagues, and neighbors about government waste; and call and write letters to the media and Congress. Their endorsement of CAGW’s work to restore fiscal responsibility and accountability to government, by both their actions and their contributions, makes CAGW America’s #1 taxpayer watchdog organization

Rather than attempting to para phrase this article, I invite you to read it on their site.

Biden’s Budget Busting Boondoggle

House Democrats are rushing through President Biden’s budget busting $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan, entitled the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.  The House is expected to begin voting on the measure on Friday, February 26.

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A national balanced budget and setting our financial house in order, should be an imperative that all sides can agree on. God save us.

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